Prairie Sound Drum & Bugle Corps................

The All-Age Drum & Bugle Corps of Olathe, KS


Drum & Bugle Corps Making a Home in the KC Metro.

Welcome to Prairie Sound Drum & Bugle Corps. We are theSenior/All Age Drum & BugleCorps of Kansas and the Kansas City Metro Area.

Our purpose is to develope a competative All Age Drum & Bugle Corps. The path we are taking to accomplish our goalis toform a Sound Sport DCI Team and Drum Line Battles Teamto perform atDCI shows in our area and also perform atDCI Finals festivities.

Senior/All Age? Well, these terms describe our membership as being people of all ages. We will accept as members, persons 18 years and above andpersons younger than 18 with the sponsorship of theirParent or Legal Guardian. We encourageFamily members to sign up together so they can share the experience of performing in Drum & Bugle Corps. (Family Corps)

Experience Level? We need experienced and novice performers alike. Don't be afraid to come out to a rehearsalpick upa bugle, drum or flag and give it a try. We will have people who are just starting out, people who haven't played for years and those who are at the peak of their skills.

Equipment? We have a full array of two and threevalve G Bugles in the voices of Soprano, Mellophone, Baritone and Contra Bass. Our Percussion equipment includes Snare Drums, Quint Tenors and Bass Drums all matched and all high qualityDynasty Brand.

Our Practices are held oneto two Sunday Eveningsa month for the full Corps.We rehearse at the National Guard Armory 1601 W. 56hwy Olathe Kansas 66061 or at the Oregon Trail Park just North across the Hwy.